We are increasing in numbers and eager to share our learning with other likeminded professionals who want to help people out of their dis-ease. The training within Body Mind Workers can be utilised in many areas of life. As described above it has a profound effect on health, education and sports. There are also aspects of the training which apply in the business world. I have been asked what makes people come on the courses? The answer to that is wide and varied, some people join to become practitioners of this approach some to enrich their own lives and make them the happiest version of them they can be. Others join to enhance their skills as business people, teachers, bodyworkers, coaches or to simply get well again, making sure all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, fitting perfectly to ensure the picture is perfect and complete.

The family of Body mind workers is growing, we have extensive  training planned for 2019 in Belgium, check out for all the upcoming dates.