The HMP© has a major influence in sports, both in recovery of injury and in sports performance enhancement. I have been working with our local soccer club for almost 2 years and on a weekly basis I utilise the “screen” to enhance a player’s recovery from injury or improve their performance. The following is an account of a recent implementation I had with a client and the impact on her injury recovery and performance using “The Screen”.

“Axelle Mollin is a 16-year-old talented skier who is hoping to represent Belgium at the Winter Olympics 2022. She has been training in Italy for the last year, as the snow is more favourable. On the 5th of January 2018 she had an accident, requiring her to be airlifted by a helicopter from the slopes. She was admitted to hospital with possible pelvic and neck injuries. Following MRI and CT scan she was discharged 2 days later with a diagnosis of whiplash, concussion and bruising to pelvic area. She was discharged back to Belgium to recover.

There were no signs of her condition improving after 5 days. She was still vomiting, not eating, had severe headaches and was unable to walk without crutches. She was re-admitted to a Belgium hospital for more tests. Axelle endured more MRI scans, which resulted in the same diagnoses as previously. She was told she would require more rest and a recovery period of possibly 3-6 weeks.

Accelerated Recovery with The Hudson Mind Process©

Her father then contacted me as he knew I practised the HMP©.  I saw Axelle the next day and cleared “her screen” using the relevant interventions required and the results were immediate.

Axelle removed her neck collar and was pain free. Her headache was gone, and she walked without crutches. She went home, and her appetite returned to normal. Just 3 days later Axelle was back racing in Italy.

Enhancing Performance with The Hudson Mind Process©

When Axelle returned to the Italian slopes, she would be forgiven for a poor result owing to her accident and a gradual return to form was to be expected, but this wasn’t the case as she raced home to finish first in her race. The HMP© cleared the neurological connections of Axelle, which left her in a peak performance state, thus we as body mind workers argue, it is here, on ‘the screen’ that we can directly impact on enhanced performance and accelerated recovery, in less than 1 hour.

Meanwhile Axelle, who normally improves by no more than 3 points per race, in those two races, following on from her treatment she went from 79 down to 63 … a shift of 16 points!  The work will continue over the coming years, so keep an eye out for this rising star.

We have also worked with my own son who had a double metatarsal fracture, from injury to back playing on the field was 5 weeks, a fast recovery from such an injury. This is a daily occurrence in our work.