All “Mind Work” treatments are possible digitally. This means we connect via Skype / FaceTime / WhatsApp video, and help you resolve your problems the same as if you were in my practice! I have many clients who regularly connect with me from USA, UK, SPAIN, FRANCE, IRELAND, …


The possibilities of complete health recovery within the “Hudson Mind Theory (HMT) are a reality. We are helping people out of their chronic disease using these interventions.

Qualified Practitioners taught by Matt Hudson, are achieving these results in Belgium, United Kingdom and Denmark. They are constantly delighted by the success achieved in as little as one session. Normally between 1-4 sessions are required for more complicated cases. I personally have enjoyed great success implementing this Theory for over 4 years. The daily results continue to be outstanding.

The HMT enables the client to understand how their mind has affected the chemical functioning within the brain through the understanding of the screen theory and application.

Image by Matt Hudson

This chemical imbalance, I believe, can, eventually result in chronic disease. Influenced by the HPA axis ( It is often the case that many chronically diseased people are unable to find the exact origin of their pain or disease. No obvious cause can be found.

It is here where I see the HMT fitting in, solving issues that have been causing ill health. Many of the chronic diseases that plague people in adulthood were not there when they were born …. how many of you can remember seeing a stressed, anxious, chronically in pain depressed anxious 2-year-old suffering from fibromyalgia or ME? So, is it possible that there is an explanation to understand how and what causes these changes to occur, to explain how the happy carefree toddler, transformed into that stressed, anxious, depressed, diseased adult.

We believe the answer and explanations lie within the Hudson Mind Theory and especially the effects of “The Screen”! If we look at the theory of Hans Selye (1907-1982) and add to that the Theory of an Emotional memory image as discussed by Bernheim (1840-1919) then the HMT is completely logical and is explained in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

Indeed, we can go back to René Descartes (1629-1649)

Perhaps Descartes was the one most accurate in terms of Hudson’s screen theory.